Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource (PDF)


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The “Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource” is a must-have for any theatre or stage practitioner looking to add a strong piece of stagecraft to their shows or performances. This eBook is the definitive reference on the Kabuki Drop.

A Kabuki Drop is a stagecraft technique and a release system that drops an open suspended curtain to the floor for a dramatic reveal.

Whether you are a director, producer, production manager, dancer, magician, musician, variety artiste, burlesque performer or any other theatrical stage practitioner, a Kabuki drop can be used to add a dramatic wow-moment to your show or act.

This eBook is a comprehensive compilation resource that explores the history, techniques, components, workings and systems of Kabuki Drops. It includes original drawings, ideas and research.

Contents include:

  • History of Kabuki Theatre
  • Kabuki Stagecraft & Curtain Drop
  • Evolution of the Kabuki Drop
  • Basic Components of the Kabuki Drop
  • Manual Kabuki Drop Systems
  • Electronic Kabuki Drop Systems
    • Linear Solenoid Kabuki Drops
    • Electromagnetic Lock Kabuki Drops
  • Double Kabuki Drop System
  • Build, Buy or Rent Kabuki Drops
  • Glossary
  • References


Also detailed is a collection of six designs for simple manual curtain drop methods & designs that can be adapted to any theatrical performance or special event.

The systems explained include the “World’s Easiest” Drop, “The Peel” Drop, “The Pull” Drop, “Pin & Loop” Drop, “Pull Back” Drop and “Roll & Drop” Drop.

Each Kabuki Drop system includes measurements as well as detailed step-by-step instructions on what you need to get and how to put it together.

Even if you do not have a production or technical background, you will be able to understand how to go about making each system through clear descriptions and drawings.

All designs can be made easily without a professional workshop or machining although you will need to cut, drill, saw and sew items that are readily available at good hardware stores.

The systems are perfect to install in small to medium theatres and options are also given on how to break them down for easy transport and touring shows.

Written by J C Sum with contributions by Darren Tien & Adeline Ng.

Full Colour. 6” x 9”. 118 pages.

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